Tesla Model 3 Bumper Stuck in Puddle (Video)

According to the video shared by a Tesla Model 3 owner named Logan Jamal, the rear bumper of a Model 3 could not withstand pressure while passing through the puddle. Tesla Model 3 was mentioned about 2 years ago with similar problems.

Although Tesla has proven its worth in the electric car industry, it seems that it still has not reached the level it wants in terms of ‘durability’. About two years ago, two Tesla Model 3 when the owner passes through the puddle with his vehicles the rear bumper has been dropped they reported, and Tesla said he was going to investigate.

It seems that Tesla has investigated the subject but has not made any ‘improvements’. Because Logan Jamal, who owns another Tesla Model 3, posted on social media recently. passing through the puddle He reported that Model 3 declared the freedom of the rear bumper.

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“I was using my Tesla Model 3 in a rainy weather and there were two more people in the car. Suddenly we heard a big voice. I pulled my car to the nearest parking lot and was shocked when I went out to understand what was happening. ” Jamal said, what happened I teslacaAlso supported with images in.

When we look at the images taken with TeslaCam, the rear bumper of Model 3 is not able to withstand the pressure created when the vehicle passes through the water puddle and that he went alone We see. The video that Jamal shared on both Twitter and YouTube soon became viral and Over 1 million views.

Video of the Tesla Model 3 rear bumper breaking as it passes through the pond