Tesla Model S Concept from Turkish Designer as Dream

The Turkish designer Emre Husmen has created a concept design for the new Tesla Model S, which is expected to come out with a contemporary design at the end of 2019.

The Tesla Model S is a very stylish car for many drivers. However, the current Model S has been around for six years, and it is now time for a design update. Tesla plans to update in the third quarter of Model S 2019, but there is still a long way to go before we see the new Tesla Model S.

Turkish designer Emre Husmen created a rather striking concept design for the new Tesla Model S. The concept model S, which has a much more sporty and aggressive design, offers a much more premium image than the current Model S with its imposing body, aerodynamic structure, laser headlamps with 'C' design and OLED stones with 'C' design [19659003] The Tesla Model S, already on the road, has as simple a design language as possible. The new model S designed by Husmen is not hesitant to exhibit its stylish and powerful stance with its premium design. According to Husman, the new Tesla Model S will have a smart traction system with 5th-level autonomous drive and FWD, RWD and AWD selections.

Emre Husman also manages to protect the premium air he displays on the exterior of the car from the interior. The extremely large and stylish infotainment system, the digital dash panel and the touch controls on the steering wheel show us what a Husmen is worthy of a Tesla Model S.