Tesla Receives Approval from Court for Discontinued Factory

Tesl received approval from the court to continue building factories in Germany.

Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer that has made a name for itself in recent years, received approval from the German court to cut a forest close to Berline, the capital of Germany, and to build the first car and battery factory in Europe.

Tesla, who had started building this mega factory before, was given to the court for cutting trees without permission and the construction of the factory was stopped. This case, which has become the subject of controversy in Germany, has been concluded in favor of Tesla. Although protested by environmentalist organizations, Tesla has received court permission.


Court Barrier Due to Trees Felled at Tesla's Factory in Germany

According to the report published by Engadget on Friday; The Supreme Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg allowed 91-hectare forestland to be used by Tesla. Tesla, which will build its 4th factory in this area, plans to produce new vehicles and vehicle parts starting from the battery, power transmission mechanism and Tesla Y model at this factory.

The factory will provide jobs for about 10,000 people in Brandenburg, a green place around Berlin. People in Brandenburg are hopeful that Tesla gives high quality jobs to the people of the region.

The factory will produce at least 500,000 electric cars every year. Tesla plans to put the factory into operation by the middle of next year.

Guene Liga Brandenburg, a local environmental organization that previously expressed concerns about this project where trees were cut without permission, was upset about Tesla's start to make the forest suitable for the construction of the factory without obtaining all the necessary permits to start the construction, and the court stated that it was certain that the decision to reject these claims was certain. He said they were.

Tesla currently has 3 mega factories, 2 of which are in America and one in Shanghai and China. Elon Musk preferred Germany for the 4th factory. In our previous news, we mentioned that the next factory will be in Texas.

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