Tesla Sent Over 1000 Ventilators to Hospitals

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, announced that due to the coronavirus epidemic, he will produce ventilators for many countries, especially the USA. With the last statement made by Musk, it was learned that 1,165 devices were sent to the hospitals in the last one month.

From companies with large factories in the fight against coronavirus ventilator they were asked to produce. Tesla's CEO, who is working on this issue Elon Musk, at least 50 hospitals 1000 much announced that he sent the ventilator. Elon Musk, who tweeted about the hospitals where the ventilator was sent, sent machines to hospitals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington and New York, according to the statement.

Promising to produce ventilators last month, Elon Musk has been 1,165 devices announced that they sent to hospitals. Tesla, which also sent ventilators to a number of overseas countries, especially Spain, offered the most ventilators at the NYC Health hospital.

Health system to the point of collapse In the USA where he came from, large companies such as Tesla were asked to start ventilator production in the fastest way. With 658,263 cases The USA, which is the country with the most coronavirus cases in the world, is the leader in this field with 32,186 deaths.

Most cases seen: New York

New York, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, is currently struggling with the coronavirus outbreak. With 223,231 cases A city with more cases than any country except the U.S. new YorkShows how much control was lost with 11,477 deaths.

What is the latest situation in the world?

The coronavirus, which continues to spread by gaining more and more speed all over the world, has so far 2138763 was detected in the person. From these people 142,735 of them lost their lives 540,684 people completely recovered from Covid-19. Most coronaviruses seen cases of the 9 countries so far in Turkey Coronavirus of 74,193 people While the test is positive 1,643 citizens he lost his life.

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