Tesla S'in Mixed Traffic Accident Revealed

In the past, auto mode that has been going on in the past, Tesla S, which progressed in a cruise, stopped by bumping into a fire truck. However, the criticism of Tesla and Elon Musk continues at full speed.

In an accident when an automobile's automatic driving mode of a vehicle was open, Tesla Model S was hit by a fire engine from behind and became almost unrecognizable. As a result of long-term investigations, the main reason for the win came out today.


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The driver confessed to the authorities that he was interested in a mobile phone while driving and confessed that he was aware of the situation at the time of the accident and that he could not prevent the accident despite the fact that he pressed the train during this time.

Confessions, consistent with the records of the police department, he had confirmed that he did not see the warning light and that it was too late for the return now when he noticed the stalemate. This seems to be a very specific and rare negligence, but basically it should be shown as proof that Tesla misrepresents the 'Autopilot' system to its users or, to put it more precisely, drivers do not know exactly what this system is.


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Because the mode used with the name 'Autopilot' is based not on using the vehicle invisible but on the contrary to make the driving experience easier and less tiring by means of an auxiliary pilot.

Tesla vehicles, which have been criticized for not being motivated enough to keep their drivers' hands on the steering wheel at the moment, are not interested in the responsibility of Elon Musk, and they are even more interested in the media began to withdraw. Musk argued that it would be unnecessary to use more effective stimuli to follow the way in the eyes of the system by not accepting any accusations.