Tesla, Two New Features for Autopilot Models

With two new active security features from Tesla's remote software update system, cars are expected to prevent accidents when they change lanes

Tesla has announced two new features for autopilot cars. These features will be done with the help of the remote update used by the company. All vehicles equipped with autopilot will be able to use these features actively after 2016.

These two active safety features announced by Tesla make driving safer in cars.


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The first of the features to prevent the departure from the lane. With this feature, the system checks whether the signals are used when the lane changes. If the vehicle changes lanes without using a signal, it is determined whether the driver's hands are on the steering wheel. The system gives a warning when the driver realizes that he is not steering. In the meantime, the car is holding on the normal track. Alerts are repeated several times. If the system still does not get a response this time the vehicle slows down and lights up the warning lights.

The second feature is to prevent the departure from the emergency lane. With this feature, environmental factors are controlled while the vehicle leaves the lane. If there is a vehicle in the vicinity, or if the vehicle is on the side of the road, the system is performing a possible accident analysis. If there is a risk of accidents, the vehicle continues on its way without leaving the lane where it is located.

Both features can be controlled by drivers. So if the driver does not want these features can be disabled. The software update has started to be sent to the tools. Tesla said in a statement that it is important to make a customer more secure even after the purchase.