Tesla's Batteries, Hurricanes Will Be Already Detected

Tesla has a very strong ecosystem of energy technologies.

If you want to meet your household energy with your smartphone technology, you can buy Tesla's PowerWall batteries. These batteries are stored with solar energy and meet the energy needs of your home and your Tesla car for free. Tesla is trying to make his batteries more than an energy center. It does not neglect to offer software support for this.

With the latest software update, Tesla brings a feature called "Storm Eyeball", which allows batteries to take precautions against weather events. This feature allows the weather data to be automatically notified to the battery, allowing the batteries to be charged if a storm or electricity interruption occurs.

The integrated functioning of the Android application allows the battery to return to its previous settings after the danger of a storm has passed. This measure, taken before the hurricanes that are expected to be experienced in the southeast coasts of the USA in the coming months, also provided positive comments on Tesla.

which recently entered Turkey Tesla will continue preparations for the sales office in Istanbul. The company is expected to open an automobile service. When we look at the activities in markets other than the US up to this time, we see that Tesla sells products such as domestic batteries together with automobiles.


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We will continue to communicate to you as Tesla becomes clearer about what products, tools and services will be sold in our country.