Tesla's Supercharger Charges Are Attacked

The Tesla charging points are regularly attacked, and the company is very anxious about this.

Tesla, who has been emphasizing clean energy to date to a great extent that no one can ever do, is being attacked. Especially with the Tesla Model 3, electric units are very famous. Even brands like Porsche have started to use electric models. However everything is not as pink as described here.

What kind of problems does Tesla face?

Not far away, Tesla's Supercharger equipment was systematically attacked in December. We can say that those who do this want to increase their activities for more gas-powered cars.

In fact, this is a great threat to Tesla when the problems are considered


Even the American society does not yet fully adopt electric vehicles,
Very serious competition on gas and gas powered vehicles,
The competition between the gas companies,

Mark Larsen, model enthusiast of Model 3; He exposed a vandalism in the Utah area. The perpetrators trying to break the supercharger cable;

Three of the superchargers have become unusable due to this attack. The situation was reported to Tesla managers very quickly. We hope Tesla will never encounter such attacks again.


            Tesla Superchargers Will Work with Solar Energy and Battery Power!





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