Test how you can see the colors

Not everyone chooses colors equally well. Some people have sharper eyes about color tones. This test shows how you perceive colors.

It is known that people cannot see the same colors in every period. For example, in ancient works, the sky and the sea are portrayed as green, but the reason for this is that the blue color is not known at all, but rather cannot be perceived. And another wonder is whether everyone saw the same color. I'm sure I didn't see the same colors as my girlfriends. Who is Fuchsia, I'm having trouble to look at what is the difference between the cherry and the bruise.


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The subject of colors is a highly controversial issue. For a while, the Internet was almost divided into two colors: white-yellow vs. blue-black. Some people can distinguish between colors such as canary yellow, lemon yellow and champagne, while some people cannot distinguish them (is the same yellow color used by Galatasaray and Fenerbahce? I think yes but the truth may be different).

it also determines how good you are. Since we can't sit down and count the cones in our eyes, it's the best thing to do. That's exactly what the following image works for

Diana Derval, a neuroscientist, says that we can have a sketchy idea of ​​how many cones are in the eyes of people

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Some experts say that this test should not be done on the computer, iPad and iPhone screen. Given the use of special and expensive monitors for studies on color perception, it is highly likely that they are justified. The test results are calculated as follows:

If you see less than 20 colors: Derval says that you have dichromate if you see less than 20 colors. So there are two different color cones in your eyes and you see only these colors. 25% of society falls into this category. These people usually wear white, beige and blue

If you see between 20-32 colors: You are trichromatic. That means there's a three-color cone in your eye. 50% of the population enters this group and can enjoy a wide color segment

If you can see between 33-39 colors: You are a tetracrometer. These people have four different color cones in their eyes. Derval says these people are uncomfortable with yellow. These people account for 25% of the society.

Those who see 40 or more colors: Either you're lying or you're about to go down in history.

How many colors can you see? Which group are you in? You can write the results in the comments. (I saw 32, but I still don't know fuchsia.)