Testing will be started on volunteers for coronavirus vaccine

Scientists from many countries are working day and night to combat coronavirus. The biotechnology firm named Moderna from the United States also stands out as one of the companies announcing that it has developed a vaccine against the virus. The vaccine, which was developed according to the authorities, is currently in the testing phase.

The world has become the only coronavirus in recent weeks. It is everyone's common desire that the efforts to stop the virus, which has spread to many countries after being seen in China, to stop the virus. Number of cases 1 million, if you lose your life 55 thousand New information came from Moderna today about the reported coronavirus.

Today, Moderna has released a medical timeline with information about the stages of the candidate coronavirus vaccine named 'mRNA-1273'. Along with the officials from China, where the virus was first seen, it revealed the genetic sequence of the virus called COVID-19 to the world. U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) and it was reported that Moderna company formed the genetic sequence of mRNA-1273. According to the statement, the US National Institute of Health has started Phase 1 clinical trials of the vaccine candidate on 24 February. On March 4, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which examined the application of the vaccine, approved the continuation of clinical trials.

Testing begins with volunteers:


According to the information received from Moderna on March 23, it was said that the vaccine that the studies are continuing can only be ready between 12/18 months. On March 27, the US National Institute of Health said in a statement. Moderna It has been reported that the vaccine candidate developed by will be tested on healthy volunteers. Let's add that the volunteers to be used for vaccine testing range from 18 to 55 years old.

This new information has been a source of hope for millions of people who are waiting for information about the treatment. Today, the number of people infected by the virus and casualties continue to increase. Among the countries with the highest number of cases, the USA takes the lead.



Minister of Health: The Number of Patients with Coronary Infection Reached 20.921, Our Total Loss Was 425

Turkey ranks 10th in the list of cases. Italy lost 13.915 deaths at the top of the list in loss of life. In Turkey According to the data just released by Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca 425 deaths. We will continue to convey updated information and news about treatment studies.

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