Tether Understands a Top Level Manager for Legal Compliance

Tether Ltd. money laundering quality control manager Leanardo Real hired as CCO. Real, who previously worked for the Bank of Montreal in Canada, will work to ensure legal compliance with the organization. Jean Louis van der Velde, used the following expressions:

"We congratulate Leonado on his new assignment, while Tether shares his press release with a press release.

Tether, one of the few subcontractors who claim to be nominally funded, has a dollar in the bank for every USDT in circulation. However, many authorities in the sector claim that Tether is a manipulative tool and that the company does not have a dollar in the bank for every USDT.

The criticism directed at Tether, in particular, is the alleged organic link with Bitfinex and Kraken. Many authorities claim that Tether is used to deliberately manipulate Bitcoin price at the end of 2017 .

While this new move of Tether aims to break the perceptual struggle in this direction, Leonardo Real It is aimed to help the company in this process with its experiences. Real has done important work on legal processes in companies that he has previously served.

"As a CCO, joining the Tether is indeed a very important and good development for me," said Real, who has been doing very important things under the Bank of Montreal roof to control money laundering processes. I was very influenced by the motivation of the Tether team, from their talents and talents, and they were a big influence on them. I will try to help the company in the direction of my talents and experiences. In particular I want to reveal the wish of Tether for compliance with legal processes. "