Thailand Confirms 5 ICOs Within This Month

The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is expected to ratify the five ICOs by the end of this month.

Bangkok Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Wednesday Bangkok Post reported that 50 ICO in the country were currently applying for approval, and five were still able to proceed.

However, when a royal decree on the crypto currency officially entered into force until the end of the month

Thawatchai While Kiatkwankul remains uncertain as to the likelihood of approval of these ICO projects, it is important that the projects have commercial value and that they will not be considered for registration

If the records continue, Thailand will have to go through the ICO it will be one of the first countries to allow legal progress in an affected environment.

According to the report, the Royal Declaration was first unveiled on May 15th and was the subject of public debate and legal debate on the issue.

The ICO projects 300,000 baht (approximately $ 9,000) for each retailer's contribution for each project, as well as ordering to register for financial security and approval before commencement of sale.

Raporda is also responsible for placing orders for stock exchanges, brokers and brokers participating in cryptographic currency transactions