The big money comes from the crypto, that year this year!

According to market research company Tabb, 2018 could be the year when corporate money enters the crypto money market.

Investors are waiting for corporate money to enter the market

If the company's senior analyst Monica Summerville and his colleagues write the following statement:

If 2017 is the main stream of crypto money the year 2018 will certainly be the year when corporate money enters the market.

Crypto money investors expect corporate money to enter the crypto money market. In December many people expected it to be traded on the big US stock exchanges for Bitcoin. However, since then Bitcoin has lost more than half of its value.

The big money crypto finally comes in.

According to CoinMarketCap data, the total value of the crypto money market has fallen to as high as $ 400 billion in the January $ 800 billion peak. Raporda has three elements to prevent institutions from participating in the crypto money market. These; regulatory uncertainty, lack of market infrastructure and lack of data sources at the institutional level.

Analysts note that raporda now makes a comparison with the $ 5 trillion spot foreign exchange market, with the result that most of the corporate trading volume has a daily volume of over $ 150 billion to $ 30 billion he said. Analysts also said:

Big corporate money, according to the sources, is waiting for the right conditions to enter the market and it is hoped that this year will be the year.

As the world's biggest financial powers will be the crypto year 2018

may be the year 2018 when actors and the world's largest financial forces will actively participate in the area of ​​cryptography. If you look at the developments that have been happening since the beginning of the year, this truth can be seen in all its nudity. The news that major players like Rockefeller and Soros are starting to invest in crypto money is in the media with big headlines as well as the development of a Bitcoin stock exchange by the parent company of the world's biggest stock exchange New York Stock Exchange, the start of Goldman Sachs futures in Bitcoin, Nasdaq a crypto and

regulatory uncertainties are expected to be left behind in 2018

In addition, regulatory uncertainties are expected to remain partially in 2018. The first step was taken at the G20 meetings that took place over the past few months. In the summer months, the regulatory framework is expected to become clearer with the other summit to be made by the G20 countries. Another obstacle to the inclusion of corporate money in the cryptographic domain is the inadequacy of the market infrastructure. This is resolved by the New York Stock Exchange. Also, the world's biggest stock exchanges like Coinbase are trying to attract institutional investors

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