The biggest drop since June 22! Market is worth $ 20 billion

Bitcoin, the crypto money that dominated the market, once again managed to shake the entire crypto money market. Bitcoin, which directly and rapidly affected the investments made in other subcoins, saw 6,380 dollars from 6700 dollars in the 2 hour period.

The price of Bitcoin rose to the level of $ 6800 a day ago.

 market capitalization 10 july

Ethereum came down by 10 percent

the second largest crypto money in the crypto market, the current decline in today's market movements is the largest decline in the crypto money market in a day since June 22.

] As a result of thinking about bitcoin, other subcoins also saw great declines. Accordingly, Ethereum lost 10 percent of its value in the last 24 hours. The heaviest loss was in the 5th ranked crypto EOS. EOS accordingly lost 13 percent of its value. The drop in IOTA is now 10.3 percent and Cardano is one of the biggest loss of crypto parcels, down 9.7 percent.

 top ten crypto 10 july

The market is losing $ 20 billion

The crypto money market was worth $ 274 billion 24 hours ago. Currently it is $ 253 billion compared to coinmarketcap data. The highest level reached by crypto money market capital, 830 billion dollars, was seen in January.

 1-year market capitalization

KCS was noted as one of the few coins standing on the green

Kucoin Shares (KCS) someone. The Kucinin Stock Exchange's local tacky, KCS, reported a 16 per cent rise with the announcement of the new bonus update. Among the first hundred coins we rank the coins that are currently showing the worst performance; Waltoncoin dropped 18 percent, Ethos 17 percent and Bancor 16.4 percent.


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