The Biggest Enemy of the Dog Fishes: The Magnets

According to a new study, magnets are enough to create the electric field that sharks can feel and stay away from.

Sharks, the biggest fearful dream of divers and fishermen.

For all these problems, however, scientists produced a solution for only $ 1.00: Magnets. They are the only ones who can not afford to buy fishes, because they are hunting for sharks in barrels and tubeless dives. In fact, these magnets do not have to be large or special magnets. Even the fridge magnets in everybody's house are enough to keep the sharks away.

Three small magnets placed in the cage for fishermen's special traps have managed to keep the sharks away from experiments for long periods of time. This discovery, which appears to be the opposite of shark in the first place, will also prevent accidental hunting of dogs and their unnecessary loss of life.