The Biggest Question and Answer with Galaxy Note9

Samsung introduced Galaxy Note9 last week. There is no device, but the lack of one feature will start to annoy the users after 1 year. That feature is devoid of history's biggest mobile communications revolution 5G.

The Galaxy Note9 is indeed one of the best multifunctional devices of our time with the best features of the day. You do not have a problem with it in any application. The camera really has superior features. The S Pen is a device by itself. We are talking about a phone that can turn into a computer thanks to Samsung DeX. On the other side there are non 5G features? How we will feel this lack of 5G.

Let's first agree on the following: 5G will be the biggest mobile communication revolution in history. Unlike 3G, 4G that we have experienced before, 5G will be the exit point of the period when we give the name of the Internet of Objects. In this age when even our coffee machines are now connected internets, we will be prepared to bid farewell to the modems in our homes. Yes, you did not read it wrong because the improvements in your mobile internet speed will be extremely advanced. Perhaps you will be able to download and watch a movie with HD resolution on the train in minutes. Of course, it's not all that limited.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is not ready for this revolution as the market's newest and highest potency device. The world will be a place where 5G will become widespread in 2020, in which time users of Note9 will have to change their devices. One of the biggest aims of the phone makers – not Samsung itself – is to get us a new phone almost every year. We know that this is not easy for everyone, especially if the dollar rises in our country and you have to take the phone with a higher price than 4 minimum wage and have to change it within two years. Yes Users of devices that do not support 4G during the 4G transition have suffered serious blows, but the 5G is a big step.

The biggest question that comes to mind with the launch of the Galaxy Note9 is explained above, now let's ask again: Do you want to get a phone call that you will change within 1 to 2 years, or will you wait another year and have one of the 5G supported devices?

The answer to the question is about the big issues of material matters. Still no one wants to change the phone in a short time. In addition, the arrival of the 5G will change the course of all software updates received by the devices. Note9 will probably get the Android Pie update but will not get the next version. As the scope of connectivity increases, the fate of security updates will change, and devices that do not offer 5G support will also be deprived of these updates.

There is an answer from the users of the problem that is developing independently (relatively) from a telephone manufacturer. The transition to 5G technology is possible with radical changes in base stations. How do operators prepare for it. Massive 5G access trials are being conducted in Australia and the US, operators have already begun to switch to appropriate infrastructure. We have not yet seen a serious step in this issue in our country. If we do not keep up with the world, we can be deprived of the commercial and economic strength that comes with 5G. This will affect all of the phone users at first, in terms of user experience, and then they will affect the entire country economically. If the Galaxy Note9 and its like 5G devices that will be released shortly afterwards become available, we may not change them at this time. At any rate, users who represent chain rings at the end of the process are threatened by the internet economy that the chain is bound to, and therefore the opportunities that will come.

If a revolution in 5G, do you have to wait to get a new expensive phone? Obviously, if your personal economic level is suitable to receive devices such as the Galaxy Note9 or iPhone X without paying, you will not be affected by the above mentioned disadvantages. If your operator benefits from campaigns organized by installments of 24 – 3t6 months, if you use consumer loans for these devices, it is worth thinking. Because when you do not finish your taxi, 5G devices will be on the market, you will want to change your phone.



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Nevertheless, it should be noted that in order to avoid Samsung's rights, some marketing campaigns have been organized to help consumers get rid of such dilemmas. For example, you can have a new Note series devices with relatively small charges included in the replacement campaign with older devices. Still, the cost and burden, why do consumers want to live it? If our smartphones start to take over our computers, they have to live.

Let's answer through the devices we expect to introduce Samsung. Next year, a Galaxy S10 and Note10 are already well regarded for coming. In 2019, Samsung will come with Galaxy X, a foldable phone model. This device can reflect the transition period of the company as it is ready to 5G technology, users who want to be ready for 5G this device can be directed and can give favorable sales acceleration to the company.