The Biggest Tinamin That History Sees Solved

Three decades ago, the giant tsunami's secret area, which struck the Taan fjords in Alaska and caused a total of 180 million tons of rocks to land in the gulf mountains, ran into the sea.

In October 2015, It has happened. It appears that the secret of this terrible nature event, which has reached 183 meters in wavelength and is the scene of one of the largest giant tsunamis in world history.

Bretwood Higman, one of the scientists who has been studying this natural phenomenon for about 3 years, said that

The interesting thing about the region was that 40 years ago,

The researchers who gave examples of the Tyndall Glacier in Colorado in relation to this issue found that this glacier was in 1961 and 1991 about 16 kilometers between the withdrawal and about 300 meters thinning on the ice, he says. The terrible tsunamiin in 2015 also took place as the melting mountain glaciers descended into water and the waves moved at almost 100 kilometers.


The researchers likened this phenomenon to throwing a bulky bowling ball full of water.
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That heavy bowling ball will spill and splash water all over the tub. But when the water rushes to the side of the tub, there is only one place to go: Upwards. The reason for the wave size reaching 183 meters in total can be explained as such