The Birth of Stars Affect the Formation of Other Stars

Space is not completely empty in the vast distances between galaxies. Gases and dusts are spread out into space and these substances eventually combine and trigger the formation of stars and galaxies.

A new study revealed how galactic winds affect the formation of new galaxies by carrying gas and dust materials. Researchers at the Stratospheric Astronomical Observatory (SOFIA) studied the Cigar Galaxy, also known as M82, which is famous for producing new stars in a short time.

The stars in this galaxy are 10 times faster than the stars in the Milky Way. However, the M82 Galaxy has particularly strong galactic winds. These features make the galaxy an ideal place to observe how dust and gases are transported to the intergalactic space. It was also revealed that strong winds dragged not only these substances but also the magnetic field to a distance of more than 2,000 light years


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Enrique Lopez-Rodriguez of the SOFIA team said, lar One of the aims of this research was to examine how far the galactic wind could efficiently drag the magnetic field. However, we did not expect the magnetic field to drift through the wind in such a large area. Ancak

This finding shows that galaxies can not only be caused by gas and dust, but also by the fact that winds carry a magnetic field, and it can also help us understand how the oldest galaxies were formed at the beginning of the universe.
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Terry Jones, a professor at the University of Minneapolis, said:, Observing intergalactic magnetic fields serves as a key to understanding how galaxies formed and evolved. We now have a new perspective on these areas. Bulundu

You can find the findings of the study from here.