The craziest summer gadgets: from practical to curious to life-threatening

The same technology is also available in a modified form as so-called sprinkler hoses, for example for your own garden trampoline. Thanks to the finely atomized water droplets, jumping fun can take place even at high temperatures. The prices for such Trampolin-Sprinkler start at around 15 euros.

Water pistols in every shape also provide cooling and action. Old hat? Not necessarily! How about an electrically powered model, for example? Good electric water guns are available from 15 euros, as our comparison shows. If the simple standard models seem too boring for you, the Spyra Two look at. However, the world’s most powerful water pistol is not cheap at over 100 euros. Here is a short comparison of shots between a cheap e-water pistol and the Spyra Two.

The classic depth charges are also perfect for the next water fight. Fortunately, the times when you had to fill and seal each balloon individually with water are over. With the so-called BunchO Ballons 35 depth charges are filled at the same time and automatically sealed. Filling an entire laundry basket with water bombs only takes a few minutes. The Package with a good 100 balloons are available from around 6 euros. Together with the X-Shot water bomb sling 100 balloons cost around 15 euros.

Those who prefer to cool themselves from the inside will also find a large selection of options. It starts with the classic ice cream machine, which it about 35 Euros gives. However, this inexpensive variant works with a cooling element, which must be in the freezer 24 hours before use. Are more flexible and, overall, of higher quality Ice machines with their own cooling compressor. These allow you to create your own ice cream in around 30 minutes from around 140 euros.

If you like it less sweet, you will reach your destination with ice-cold drinks. Classic Ice cube molds there are now umpteen variations. The selection goes from round ice cubes, above Star-Wars-Motive up to XXL ice cubes. But what use are all the great shapes if you forget to fill them in time? If you want to have your ice cubes close at hand, you need either a huge ice chest or an ice cube maker. These ice cube machines turn clear water into ice cubes in under 10 minutes. The daily production of the inexpensive entry-level devices for around 120 euros is 10 to 12 kg.

However, this solution is out of the question for beer drinkers. Here the bottle, not the drink, has to be cooled. If you don’t have a drinks fridge available, you will quickly run into space when you visit. Special ones promise a way out Chest cooler bags, Beer cabinets-Kühlelemente or Buoyancy aids for beer crates. These are available for 10 to 20 euros. Or how about a nerdy pothole beer cooler? The so-called Hop cave, an elongated pipe with space for a dozen beer bottles, is buried in the garden and keeps the bottles stored in it pleasantly cool despite the summer air temperatures. The ingenious original gadget is available from 99 euros. The cheap replicas of the underground drinks store are available from around 40 euros. As can be seen from the product reviews on Amazon, it is worth spending more.

In order to keep the now cooled drinks fresh and free of insects, it is worth buying silicone lids for beer bottle, Beverage can or Drinking glass. If you have a 3D printer, you can also download templates for beverage closures free of charge from the Internet. We found our TPU beer bottle closures on Thingiverse and printed them out with the Anycubic Vyper (test report). Alternatively, help electric fly swatters in repelling intrusive insects. However, the use of the Fly-Sniper flygun for 18 euros.

Anyone who has always wanted to run across water, preferably a lake, should take a look at the XXL water balls to get in. The inflatable rubber balls are available in a child-friendly diameter of 150 cm up to a 3-meter ball for two adults. The prices for this round pleasure start at around 180 euros for the children’s variant and at a good 240 euros for that Adult model.

Or how about a practical electric drive for the paddle board? The 12V-SUP-Motor are available from around 500 euros. Im Set, together with stand-up paddle board, paddle, bag, pump and accessories, are about 780 euros.

However, caution is advised when using such underwater gadgets! Anyone who uses such a drive should be able to swim very well and know their own limits, otherwise it can quickly become life-threatening. Even more dangerous, but unfortunately also extremely exciting, are those that have been available for a number of years Mini diving bottles. These small oxygen tanks are filled with a hand pump and, according to the manufacturer, should enable dives of up to 15 minutes. This gadget, which costs between 180 and 300 euros, should really only be purchased if you know exactly what you are doing. From our point of view, if you don’t have a diving license and want to operate the equipment outside the pool, you should stay away from it!

If in doubt, completely safe underwater adventures can also be achieved with one of the available Underwater drones experience. Unlike classic video drones, however, the devices are wired and also expensive. The prices start beyond the 1000 euro limit.

We’d rather stay on land and look for lost treasures on the sandy beach. Professional detectors can easily cost several thousand euros, inexpensive Metal detectors for beginners and children but are available from around 50 euros. Less technical, but at least as exciting, is the treasure hunt with one Fishing magnets from around 20 euros. With the power magnets attached to a leash, exciting discoveries have already been made, as have been numerous Videos you can see. For both types of treasure hunts, you should inform yourself about the local regulations in order to avoid legal problems.

There are numerous gadgets that sweeten the summer in your own garden or on vacation. Many of the products presented here are cheaper to buy in Chinese shops, but if you want to get your delivery on time, you should order from German retailers.

However, products such as above ground pools are no longer in stock in all sizes. In addition, the prices for such seasonal items are currently significantly higher than they were a few weeks ago, as a look at the price trend in the price comparison shows. And that it is not absolutely necessary to invest a fortune in order to have fun, our guide shows Good electric water guns are available from 15 euros.

As extremely cool underwater scooters and mini diving tanks may look, extreme caution is required when using them! In general: You should always find out in advance what the regulations at your holiday destination look like.