The end of this research may be the cause of retardation in Bitcoin

According to the Financial Times, the data from Chainalysis, a Blockchain research firm that analyzes the connections between the assets in the Bitcoin block chain, shows that the amount of Bitcoin owned by long-term investors now equates to short-term speculators. [19659002] The amount of Bitcoin held by Bitcoin daily investors since December 2017 has risen to 5.1 million BTC, which is nearly equal to the BTC amount of long-term investors equivalent to 6 million BTC.

Chief economist Philip Gradwell of Chainalysis,

1600 wallets hold at least 1000 BTC

In addition, the work of Chainalysis also shows that there is an imbalance in the distribution of wealth in Bitcoin. Accordingly, as of April 2018, approximately 1600 Bitcoin wallets hold at least 1000 BTC, which is 5 million BTC, equivalent to one in three of all Bitcoins in circulation.

The study shows that crypto money markets are manipulated by a small number of investors


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