The Fall of Cryptokitties Reminds of the Fall of Pokémon Go

CryptoKitties After a staggering market entry, the decline began to fall regularly. A very short time ago Pokémon Go lived the same fate.

Most of the people who first joined the crypto sector for 6 months will remember the frenzy of CryptoKitties . The pussies in the game were unique and nobody could have two of the same kittens.

Then the wind turned counter-clockwise and Ift Barinov gave away $ 140,000 to the crypto cat owners and sold the puppies. CryptoKitties'

According to Bloxy the game is barely able to reach the daily 250 active users. On June 8th only 244 animals were allowed to play in the game. Prior to this decline, CryptoKitties could reach the summit like 9.750 users .

Those who are nerds with the game can tell you how expensive some digital cats are, but beyond that, The game first appeared in in 2017 and the first cat named Genesis was added to 246.9255 ETH $ 117,712 at the time) was sold out. The game had 143 users on its way to the first market

The number the week after it rose to 6,030, and after 12 days it reached the summit with a number of 9.750. Even within this 12-13 days of application, the company has reached $ 6.7 million. Afterwards, there was a sadly big decline.

But this year, the game was able to accumulate 12 million funds. This support came from two of the world's largest two investment firms Union Square Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz supported by companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Coinbase .

At the time of this decline of CryptoKitties reached the number of 45 million daily users and now fell to 5 million Pokemon Go In addition to this,

Despite all of this, we can say that CryptoKitties is a successful application.