The first and last product of the 8 products marking the world of technology

Technology is developing and changing every day. In the past, devices that have been shown with interest and curiosity, or vice versa, have survived to the present or vice versa.

Looking back 10-15 years ago, we can witness the advancement of technology. Many technological products, which have become a part of our lives today, could not even be imagined in those years. Years of chasing, technology advances and almost DSLR camera-quality pictures and 7 nm processor, artificial intelligence smart phones entered our lives. Not only that, the game consoles, computers, and even books have undergone very serious changes.

Let us now look at the initials of the technological devices that have become part of our lives today.


With a history of nearly 12 years, the iPhone has become a device that has changed the world of telephony. The first-generation iPhone didn't even have a 3G connection, and there was no App Store support. However, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, said that they were able to fit iPhone into a 3.5-inch display, and they said that they produced the iPhone that everyone could use. was too complicated for a normal user.

The iPhone today is exactly what it looks like:

iPhone models that have undergone many changes over the years, in September 2018 Xs, Xs Max and XR three different models have appeared again. The new iPhones, which come with the A12 Bionic chipset, are even faster than the CPUs on many computers today, have unrivaled features in 2007.

E-Book Readers:

The first version of the Amazon Kindle, the first brand to come to mind when it comes to e-books, was introduced in 2007. The first Kindle with a white case and e-ink display did not have a touch screen. With a manual scrolling option instead of a touch screen, the Kindle also had a full-sized keyboard. The device, which offers access to more than 90,000 books, was available for $ 399 and was finished at 5.5 hours after it was sold.

E-book readers are now:

Today, Kindle models are sold at prices starting from $ 80. Devices with three different models called Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis; Water resistance comes with features such as Audible's audio book system, Wi-Fi, and cellular data connectivity.

Xbox series:

Microsoft stepped into the gaming console industry in 2001 with its Xbox one, and a year after the first-generation Xbox, the Xbox Live introduced its multi-player gaming platform

. sold over:

Introducing the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 360, Microsoft introduced Xbox One in 2013. Then, the Xbox One S and One X models are released, but the overall "Xbox One" name represents the company's most current consoles. Microsoft also said that in the future it will also remove the physical disk entry from the Xboxes, aiming to shift the gaming world to a little more cloud.


Developed under the leadership of Apple's former CEO Steve Jobs, Macintosh rewrote the rules of the personal computer world. A GUI, which means that the graphical interface is easily accessible to anyone with the Macintosh, came with a screen and mouse.

Apple's computers have evolved over time:

In 1984 the possibilities were very limited, but today Apple's Mac devices; It offers very good features like retina displays and up to 10 hours of battery life. Apple, which produces MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac, is trying to appeal to every audience with this device variety.

Samsung's Televisions

~ Samsung's LCD TV introduced in 2002

The Korean technology giant Samsung first started producing television in the 1970s. In the late 90s, Samsung introduced the world's first mass-produced television. In the early 2000s, the company produced HD TV and today it is one of the biggest players in the television industry.

In 2019, Samsung came up with this 219-inch television, The Wall:

especially comes along. Samsung, which now features features such as voice control and pre-installed applications, introduced the 219-inch "The Wall", the so-called wall, in recent months. Such a gigantic television that had been turned into a table in a closed position was impossible to imagine many years ago.


PlayStation, Sony's first gaming console, was introduced about 25 years ago. Last year, Sony introduced the PlayStation Classic console for the first generation PlayStation. The top photograph is the 2018 model PlayStation Classic on the left, and the right on the 1994 PlayStation Classic. It is a much more beautiful design and with much more powerful equipment. PS4 Pro, which is priced around 2500 TL, is one of the most preferred today.


Another important name in the game console market after Microsoft and Sony is Nintendo. Although it is not as popular as it once was, the game consoles of the children and young people of the time, the joy of Nintendo's Gameboy console was released in 1989. Gameboy was one of the most popular devices of its era, with more than 118 million sold worldwide

Today, Nintendo, with its Switch console:

Nintendo, while Wii and Wii U consoles in the past few years in the market, while not many places in 2017 The Switch introduced in 2008, has achieved serious success. Up to now, we will be seeing the future position of Nintendo Switch, which sold more than 32 million units.


The first iPad, introduced on April 3, 2010, had a 9.7-inch touch screen and a very thick frame. The iPad, which has brought the iOS experience to a much larger screen, was the biggest contributor to the development of the tablet world. The iPad, which got pretty bad reviews from some critics, sold over 100 million copies in the first 2 years it was introduced. comes with a thin line design. Software, such as multi-window support from the iPhone and multi-window support is embellished with features unique to iPad Pro, powerful hardware rivals many computers. Of course everything has a price, for the moment, the price of the next generation iPad Pro's 11-inch model starts at $ 5,899, and not including Apple Pencil at this price.

We see that even though some devices have been criticized for the most part over the years, they have proven themselves and directed the technology; or vice versa, a great sensation when some devices came out, but as of today there is no serious demand for those devices. You can share your comments, suggestions and evaluations about the devices in our content with us in the comments section