The first creature that does not need oxygen was discovered

Researchers have signed a new discovery that will destroy a truth we know so far and discover the first living creature without the need for oxygen. This jellyfish-like parasite has no mitochondrial genome.

Until now, no multicellular creature was without oxygen. can not live He taught. However, like everything in science, this subject proved that science has never been precise. Researchers, for the first time no need for oxygen one multicellular found an animal.

Researchers who discovered a jellyfish-like parasite earlier this year found that this creature mitochondrial genome saw that he did not have. Thus, the jellyfish-like parasite was registered as the first multicellular organism that did not have a mitochondrial genome.

It doesn't need oxygen:

an oxygen-free creature

The jellyfish-like parasite discovered does not have a mitochondrial genome, but also not breathing also pointed. Of course, this is also the living thing does not need oxygen it brought out the result. This discovery of researchers could be used to study not only life on Earth but perhaps extraterrestrial life.

One of the cell organelles mitochondriais located inside the cells of any living thing (except for red blood cells). Mitochondria are one of the most basic structures of breathing. These organelles divide oxygen and adenosine triphosphatase creates molecules called. Adenosine triphosphatase is the molecule that powers the cells of organisms.

an oxygen-free creature


A membrane separating carbon dioxide from other gases was produced

Although creatures that need very little oxygen have been discovered to date, a creature without mitochondria no It was discovered. You may be wondering how the creature, which does not need oxygen due to this deficiency, survives. But even scientists haven't been able to explain it yet.

According to some estimates, this jelly-like parasite, from the living being adenosine may be obtaining triphosphatase. Of course, it has not been possible to reach a definitive conclusion yet. However, with this example, nature proved again how unpredictable it is.

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