The First Images of Leyla and Mecnun from the Set Shared [Video]

Exxen shared the first images from the set of the new Leyla ile Mecnun series, which both current and potential subscribers are eagerly awaiting. In addition to showing the original team together, the shared video also showcases the new Leyla of the series.

Broadcasted on TRT 1 between 2011 and 2014, he managed to become one of the Turkish television legends by presenting a high-level absurd comedy in the 3 seasons he stayed on screen Leyla and Mecnun, fully staffed, this time Exxen It’s getting ready to return to the screens.

the director of the series Onur Ünlü, Leyla and Majnun’s new ‘Leyla’, with a post she made on her Instagram account yesterday. Sea Beam would be had announced. We recently watched Deniz Işın in the TV series named Innocence, which said goodbye to the screens a short time ago.

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It had not been 24 hours since Onur Ünlü announced the new Leyla in the series, when Exxen shared a video on the official YouTube channel, and the crew of the TV series Leyla and Mecnun, which had just started shooting, came together behind the camera offered the opportunity to see

Onur Ünlü once again behind the camera and Burak AksakIn the lead roles of the ‘new’ Leyla ile Mecnun series, which we will see Ali Atay, Serkan Keskin, Osman Sonant, Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan, Cengiz Bozkurt There will be names from the original cast, such as

Images from the set of Leyla and Majnun to be broadcast on Exxen