The First Step Was Taken to Prevent Momo

The first step came from the Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services for the prevention of the game Momo, which could face children in YouTube and WhatsApp.

The first step was taken to prevent Momo. The Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services requested the BTK (Information Technology and Communication Authority) to block access by referring to the mentioned blocking. (19659004) RELATED NEWS

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What is Momo Challange?

The Momo Challange video game, as well as YouTube videos, can be accessed by children from WhatsApp and invites them to the game. If children accept the invitation, violence-themed visuals and indoctrination of children lead to harm. The Ministry of Labor and Social Services made a formal request to meet the needs of the Ministry of Labor and Social Services (19659003). Following the meeting, it was announced that the issue was followed closely.

How can you block it?

There are many ways to prevent Momo. The first and the easiest way is to use secure internet packages from internet providers. With these packages, you can restrict children's access to social media and online messaging applications

In addition to security packages, another method is to use the 'Screen Time' feature in iOS and Android operating systems. This feature allows you to specify how long the desired application can be used. Access to the selected application will be restricted when your specified time expires.


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What do psychologists say?

This game, which is included in the field of work of psychologists, was given by Prof.Dr. Dr. Prof. Dr. Binnur Yeşilyaprak and Handan Hoşrik, Clinical Psychologist. Yeşilyaprak and Hoşrik made a guide for parents to keep the children away from Momo.

1. Inform:

Momo can confront them outside the control of your children. Any ban or warning to your child will encourage them even further. Prohibitions are not a solution. Information should be given for Momo and similar contents

2. Follow the apps:

Momo, YouTube and WhatsApp apart from children's favorite games can be seen in Minecraft. It will be useful to keep your children away until games and producers take precautions on this issue. It is useful to follow the companies in order to learn the measures and updates received.

3. Contact your child's teacher:

Children spend most of their days at school. Even a child who does not know can be affected by Momo by hearing from other children. Therefore, teachers in the school should be made aware of the issue and should be in contact with parents.