The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has returned from Ripple's gate

Vitalist Buterin, a Russian-based developer of Ethereum, admitted that he was interested in an internship at the Blockchain-based payment technology company, Ripple, before focusing on a project with a market share of over $ 18 billion.

Buterin announced that he had tried to do an internship at Ripple in mid-2013, but could not get a US visa. Because Ripple was a 9-month company at the time, and the company had to have completed at least 1 year due to visa requirements

. If the Russian developer had been working at Ripple, perhaps there was no mention of the existence of a project such as Ethereum, or at least the dominance of the market.

While Buterin's Ripple effort was inconclusive, TRON has a market share of $ 1.8 billion today. Justin Sun was the first Ripple employee in Greater China in December 2013. Sun has served as the Chief China Chief Representative and Consultant at Ripple until 2016.

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