The Illusion that Excites the Monkeys from the iPad Wizard

We all follow the Illusionists with great interest. How they do it is so complicated that it almost makes us wonder. An iPad wizard, this time showing his illusions for apes.

Illusions have always been a curiosity for us. The human being who does not know is always curious about these fast movements. But we are not the only ones who are curious about illusions. Monkeys like us are curious about these funny tricks.

The wizard Simon Pierro made a fascinating demonstration of monkeys using an iPad. In the holy monkey forest in Ubud, Pierro came out of the iPad with bananas and peanuts. However, monkeys are so convinced that these items are out of the iPad, and at some point they wanted to kidnap the iPad.


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You can watch the above videos to see the very funny images that appear. In addition, you can also browse Simon Pierro's YouTube channel to follow the talented wizard.