The Interesting Error in the iOS 14 Pickup Truck Emoji Designed by Ford

Ford has designed a pickup truck emoji for iOS 14, which will be released to all iPhone 6s and newer as of tonight. However, there is an interesting error in this emoji.

Apple offers many new features and new emojis to iPhone users with each new iOS version. Although there are thousands of emoji in the default keyboard app of iPhones right now, it still has a there are no pick up truck emojis.

Ford, one of the world’s largest automotive companies, iOS 14 has designed a pick up van emoji to be presented to users and presented it to Apple. This emoji, which looks like an ordinary truck emoji, is actually Ford F150 XLT referring to the model.

ford emoji pickup truck


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The emoji designed by Ford is outlined from the Ford F150 XLT, but because it is not an ad-smelling emoji and fills a gap. acceptable. However, when we look a little more carefully, in Ford’s pick up truck emoji there is an interesting error.

ios 14 pickup truck emoji


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Take a moment to review the image above. Did you notice anything strange? If everything seems normal, we recommend that you take another look. Still haven’t noticed something strange? So let’s give a little tip; Take a closer look at the taillights.

As you can see in the examples below, in almost all vehicle emojis taillights have red color Both the taillights are red in real life. Headlights in red car emojis only as an exception orange or yellow happening in color.

pickup truck emoji


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When we look at Ford’s design, both headlights and taillights orange we see that it is in color. Of course, this small detail does not make emoji obsolete, but the designer of a big company like Ford has detail of It is remarkable that it has overlooked.

Ford’s video for the truck emoji

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