The IOTA foundation will build smart cities in the European region!

The IOTA Foundation will be part of a consortium that won the auction to develop a smart city under the European Union Research and Innovation program. The + CityxChange consortium, consisting of 25 institutions including IOTA, will take the first step towards ensuring that independent cities used for energy of the future will pass by.

The EU has allocated a fund of 30 million euros for this project. 20 million euros will be provided from the European Research and Innovation Program Horizon 2020 and the remaining 10 million euros will be covered as commodities.

The exciting part of the project's crypto sector is that Blockchain and

The IOTA foundation is very hopeful from the project

Wilfried Pimenta, Business Development Manager of the IOTA Foundation, praises the smart city approach with the following words:

"Smart cities are one of the fastest growing sectors for IOTA. Based on our work and partnerships in mobility, energy or data, these smart city ecosystems bring together all of us. "

Norwegian co-founder David Sønstebø of the IOTA foundation mentioned his excitement, saying:

" The signing of IOTA in smart city models to be built in many cities across Europe will be of great value forward. "

  • The Cityxchange consortium Participants with the IOTA Foundation include IES R & D, Powel AS, Limerick University, Philip Energy Agency, Future Analytics Consulting, Research2Market Solutions, ISOCARP, TrønderEnergi Kraft AS, ABB Norway, ATB, AVIS Budget Group, Statkraft Varme AS, ESB Innovation RoI Ltd, ESB Networks, Ove Arup & Partners SAU, FourC AS, R.Kjeldsberg, Smart MPower, Space Engagers, Colaborativa, Officinae Verdi, NHP Eiendom and GKinetic Energy Ltd.

Blockchain, + CityxChange project helps prevent harmful carbon emissions and pollution around the world. The IOTA Foundation has previously partnered with the United Nations Project Services Office (UNOPS) to assist in the use of Blockchain in Data Governance to make UNOPS more productive.

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