The Kin Foundation is transferring $ 3 million to the developer program

Kin Foundation, a non-profit organization that manages Kin's crypto currency, announced the launch of an incentive program. The program will offer a total of $ 3 million to build selected DAPs around the Kin ecosystem.

What does the Kin Foundation program target?

It is stated that the main goal of the Kin developer program is to encourage the use of Kin, 3 million are preparing to pay.

Ted Livingston, founder and CEO of the Kik and Kin Foundation, commenting on the launch event, stated that

To date, developers have not been able to access a consumer ready crypto currency, which can easily be integrated into mainstream applications and platforms. The Kin developer program is materially encouraging this ease and at the same time creating a natural interaction between the developers and Kin.

Financial support and job guidance package

The Foundation has been working with other Guidance Guidance programs for Kin, quick start guides, and full support documentation

The Kin Foundation will review program applications from July 11 to August 10 and organize a virtual training session to explore talent.

The second phase requires the participant to reach the target of 10,000-month active wallet to unlock the 100 million Kontaktian and $ 15,000 second payout until 1 January 2019.

and the final payment stage was set at 250,000 Kin tokens and $ 25,000.

How did Kin reach this point?

Kin tokens were launched during an ICO event organized by Kik communication application in September 2017 and 10,026 people in 117 countries earned $ 100 million. An ICO fundraising event was organized by Kik, and as reported by the Wall Street Journal, it was announced that the event was a response to the challenges faced by messaging applications in competing with larger social media networks.

The ICO then decided to act as a means of change within the boundaries of the Kin started.

Kik is one of the two most popular today's brands to provide competitive advantage against other market players better positioned in the social media world like Kik, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

Using Kik, users can use Kin kits for different digital services such as extracts, special emoji bundles or game applications. Our latest news, Telegram from our channel, Instagram from our account, Facebook from our page and [(19659017)Youcanfollowitonouraccount ! Function (e, n, t) {var o, c = e.getElementsByTagName (n) [0]; e.getElementById (t) .createelement (n) = t, o.src = "" c.parentnode.insertbefor (o, c))} (document, "script", "facebook-jssdk"); [19659020]