The Largest Dark Matter Map Ever Released

Scientists have created the largest dark matter map ever by analyzing data from 100 million galaxies with artificial intelligence. The map has supported existing theories about the workings of the universe.

According to scientists, 80 percent of all matter in the observable universe dark matter make up. However, since it is not possible to observe dark matter from Earth, at least with our current technologies, these structures, which make up a large part of the universe, are not really possible. we can’t see.

An international work team, Dark Energy Survey (DES) scanning a quarter of the sky observable from the Southern Hemisphere largest dark matter map ever they formed. So if we can’t see dark matter, how could we create such a map?

dark matter map

Just like the matter we can see, dark matter has the power to bend light. Benefiting from this knowledge, scientists have figured out how the light from distant galaxies will travel until it reaches Earth. corruption He was able to create a map of dark matter by scrutinizing what he lived in. In other words, this map is not about dark matter, the effect of dark matter on light It was created by following.

As you can imagine artificial intelligence, was one of the most important assistants of scientists in this research, and the observations observed within the scope of the project Data for 100 million galaxies analyzed. If we consider that there are 100 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy alone, we can understand the size of the analyzed data.

dark matter map

Lead author of the study, Dr. Niall Jeffrey stated that the map created in a statement about their study has a similar model to visible matter, dark matter has dark matter in places, voids in places and dense matter clusters in places. reticulated stated that.

Professor Ofer Lahav from the UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy, one of the authors of the study, is also known as gravitational lensing. the power of gravity to bend light While expressing that we can create a map of both visible and invisible dark matter by calculating; “This brings us closer to understanding what the universe is made of and how it developed.” said.

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