The Last of Us 2 alluded to: Interstate 5 alone

Attention, spoilers! We present some elements from a section in The Last of Us 2 in the text. We do not reveal any details about the action or solving specific problems. Nevertheless: If you don’t want to know anything about the game, you shouldn’t read on.

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Follow Interstate 5 south from Seattle – usually no problem. In The Last of Us 2, of course, it’s a little different: First, we’re on foot. Second, we are standing in front of a concrete wall after a few minutes. And third, undead and several factions of enemy soldiers want to kill us.

All of this happens in a section roughly in the middle of the game, in which we control Ellie, who is already familiar from the first series. We don’t meet other allied characters, especially their old buddy Joel. The post-apocalyptic world, in which a large part of the population has been transformed into willless zombies by a fungus, seems familiar to us.

We are supposed to find a Nora in the two to three hour long operation – we do not know who it is and why we are looking for it. Basically we don’t care, because the thing with the concrete wall is the problem that we have to solve. Fortunately, there are enough half-rotted cars around us, so that we jump with Ellie over the roof of a dolly into one of the buildings on the side of the road.

There we graze on dilapidated apartments for ammunition and medicine as well as for other equipment – and keep an eye out for a way around the concrete wall. To cut a long story short: In fact, we found out relatively quickly how we would progress – but we don’t want to reveal it.

In any case, we noticed that the alluded environments are basically similarly linear as in the first part. At the same time, there is much more to discover around it: We can turn almost anywhere and search places like an abandoned drugstore, where there are many ingredients for home-brewed remedies.

In the office of the long-deceased managing director there is even a safe with particularly valuable equipment – which we can only get to if we can find the combination.

The operation is also reminiscent of the predecessor, for example in terms of manufacturing medicine and access to weapons. We liked the controls extremely well: Ellie controls excellently, even in the tightest spots, despite the third-person view, there were almost no camera problems.

This is particularly important when there are disputes. In hand-to-hand combat, we can use the nimble Ellie to dive away from the opponents’ blows with the L1 key and avoid it, then strike ourselves.

We do that with our fists and a relatively small knife. Machetes, baseball bats and a huge hammer are much more effective – however, these weapons can only withstand very little, after a knock or two they are broken.

In the chapter we discussed, we were dealing with the undead and various soldiers. We found that to be very varied: Sometimes it was opponents who proceeded more classically: So let the fire go as soon as the line of sight was clear. Another group acted in a more hidden way, sometimes communicating with whistles and attacking from the ambush.

The undead in turn – oh, we’d rather not reveal that. We had the impression that the monsters were relatively clever, just as we liked the enemy AI very much. A little warning to dog owners: In The Last of Us 2, you can theoretically avoid killing dogs, but in practical terms, it will be difficult in our opinion.

Artwork from The Last of Us 2 (Image: Naughty Dog)

If you want to avoid a guilty conscience, you should at least not attack the fur noses with the hammer mentioned, because it looks really brutal.

We are certain that the protection organization Peta – which regularly complains about violence against animals in games – will still denounce this. By the way: The game comes from a developer studio called Naughty dog

When we played it, we were on the Interstate, we fought our way through a parking garage, searched several buildings and – accidentally – ended up in the sewage system. The surroundings look coherent.

The Last of Us Part II – Standard Edition [PlayStation 4] (Uncut)

In general, we find the graphics successful, even if the game sometimes comes across as somewhat dark. We are not entirely sure that this will not spoil our mood a bit in the long run.

The bottom line was that the playable scenes surprised us positively: there is a lot of variety, the atmosphere is right and we liked the flow. The enemy AI is strikingly good, as is the control when exploring surroundings and in combat. We only have to discuss the matter with the dogs again with our real four-legged friend until the game is released.

The Last of Us 2 will be released on June 19, 2020 for Playstation 4. The playable version was already fully localized, there was nothing to complain about about the speech and the screen texts.

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