The Legend of Motorola Razr Will Return with a Foldable Phone

According to WIPO, Lenovo will bring the Motorola RAZR, a classic touch-screen phone, back to life with a foldable smartphone concept. The year 2019 seems to be a year when folding and frameless smartphones are becoming a trend. It is already known that companies such as Samsung and Huawei have been working on foldable smartphones for a long time. Lenovo is also developing a highly assertive folding smartphone over the Motorola brand

. re-launch. The device will have a similar design with the original Motorola RAZR. There will also be a small screen outside the device that allows the use of a folded screen.


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According to the Wall Street Journal, Motorola's first foldable smart phone will have a $ 1,500 price tag. Paul Pierce, one of the designers of the Motorola RAZR V3, said the RAZR with folding screen is a great opportunity to re-launch Motorola's legendary model. It is still a matter of interest to see how the device will perform against competitors such as Samsung and Huawei.


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