The LEO of Bitfinex is off on the first trading day

Bitfinex, one of the largest crypto-money exchanges, started to list the stock market today after the $ 1 billion special sale, which was open to LEO accredited investors.

Transactions started at TSI 11.22. LEOs sold at $ 1 on special sales, did not show the expected performance in the first trading day. Recent data indicate that the LEO is stabilized around $ 1.1. This represents a 10 percent return on the IEO price

The LEO is most actively traded against the USDT and the USD. The transaction volume of the USD pair was USD 1.8 million, compared to USD 2.3 million. Digital money can also be bought and sold with ETH, EOS and BTC. In these markets, trading volumes are $ 78, 45 and $ 28 thousand, respectively

LEO / USDT chart
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