The makers of the Avaddon ransomware are giving up and releasing keys

The people behind the Windows encryption Trojan Avaddon have given up and released the keys to access files captured by the malware. Victims can now access their data without paying a ransom.

As reported by IT news website Bleepingcomputer, the end of the Avaddon campaign was already in sight. According to them, the payment website in the Tor network was no longer accessible. In addition, the blackmailers are said to have recently exerted massive pressure on victims to pay the ransom.

The average is said to have been around 600,000 US dollars. So Avaddon’s goals were companies. The classic route of infection was a fake email with the Trojan attached. The pest first appeared on the scene in June 2020. The ransomware struck the insurance company Axa and encrypted data.

In recent months, the masterminds have come more and more into the focus of investigators and, for example, the FBI warned of the encryption Trojan. Nothing is currently known about the reasons for the abandonment.

The Avaddon makers have released almost 3000 keys. Security researchers from Emsisoft have included these in the free decryption tool Emsisoft Decryptor for Avaddon let it flow in. The tool allows victims to search hard drives for files encrypted by Avaddon and decrypt them.

The criminals stop their extortionate machinations and release keys, happens again and again. This year the makers of Ziggy and Darkside have already given up.


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