The man who knows 5000 for Bitcoin in 2018, now says 60,000!

The major cryptographic currencies may be far from their current levels in December, but legal developments and infrastructure developments continue to progress.

In a report we published in January, TenX's founding partner, Julian Hosp, reported that Bitcoin will fall to $ 5,000 in 2018, but still expects to hit $ 60,000.

Hosp, who recently spoke to CNBC at the RISE technology conference in Hong Kong, is still behind the price estimate of $ 60,000 Bitcoin:

"In December, the whole price of bitcoin has reached the level predicted by Hosp. I predicted that we would see 5 thousand dollars and 60 thousand dollars in 2018 while the highest level of time was 20 thousand dollars. So we arrived almost 5,000 dollars. Let's see if we can reach $ 60,000.

Bitcoin, the biggest crypto currency, has fallen to its lowest level (about $ 5,700) at the end of last month at the end of last month, although it has not fallen to $ 5,000.

Since then, the leading crypto money has recovered some of its recent losses and now stands at about $ 6,400.

Hosp also acknowledges that in 2018 a big positive event must occur for Bitcoin to reach $ 60,000. . Hosp, he said it might be a Bitcoin ETF announcement or a country disclosure.

Hosp also added that Bitcoin should be above $ 10 thousand in August to reach its $ 60,000 target:

Hosp also added that if such an event does not come to fruition this year, the digital money will reach 60,000 dolars,