The meteoric rise in the Litecoin network

Litecoin's expected block prize half on the 6th of August 2019 is approaching day by day. , source: BitInfoCharts

The Hash rate shows the total computing power in a network. The increase in this ratio means that the miners' activity in the network has increased. On the one hand, Litecoin's hash rate rose to 359 TH / s on 9 April. The previous highest level was 342 TH / s on May 24, 2018, when the price was $ 120. 4 months ago, in December this rate was only recorded as 146 TH / s. That is, the mining activities in Litecoin rose by about 150 percent compared to 4 months ago

. The LTC saw $ 90 in recent days since December when it hit $ 20. Crypto money is sold today at $ 84.

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