The most detailed brain image ever obtained

A group of scientists shared the image of the 'fruit-juice brain', which was made up of millions of crayons and achieved to be the most detailed brain image ever acquired.

Scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, using high-speed electron microscopy, nano-scale photographs of each cell of the brain of Drosophila melanogaster (nurse cell) where nerve cells are found 21 million times. The 3D image created by combining the obtained data is both very fascinating and scientifically significant, because it is the first time that a detailed brain image has been obtained.

In order to understand the brain in general terms, a very critical step. The research team, Davi Bock, stated that neurobiologists are working to get a map of how and when neurons in the brain of the fruit's brain communicate with each other, and when this map is completed, important information about the brain's functioning will be gained

One of the things he was interested in was the part of the brain that helped to create memories and the team followed the neurons that sent messages to the structure, which has a crucial role in learning and memory acquisition in the brain, called the fungus body, and discovered a new type of neuron that communicates with cells in the fungus.

According to scientists conducting the research, it has been proven many times that in many respects fruit juice has common features in a wide range of living beings, including humans, in many respects, and in the brain it is said that the same situation is the case. So how well we understand these flies' brains, we will be so close to solving their own brain-making.


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