The Most Interesting 10 Street Flavor You Can Eat (!)

Eating is a wonderful act for all of us. If what you are doing in Hele is creating taste in your mouth, then do not touch it. In this context, we have compiled 10 interesting street flavors for you.

It is a pleasure to have a place where you eat in the world. At this point, the tastes or priorities of each country and society can change. For example, in our country, what is kebab is also grilled snake fish over rice on rice in Japan. In this way, we have compiled 10 different street flavors for you that are eaten in the streets of the world. Let's take a look at these delicious (!) Foods together.

1. Balut – Cambodia

Balut is consumed as a food material in which the chickens are almost ready to see the sunlight in the incubated interior. This street flavor (!) Prepared with boiled duck and sometimes chicken eggs is also famous in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos and China, especially when it is defeated in Cambodia.

2. Snails – France

The French, who regard snail as a substance of a valuable nutrient with a high protein and low fat ratio, could not find anything else to eat, and these little creatures looked out for it. In this context, the French prefer to eat snails in different ways and in sauces, particularly in boiled and simply salted salads.

3. Mouse Rat Wine – China

"Would we see that too?" If you say, yes this wine is completely real. It is believed that this drink, which is consumed extensively in China and Korea, is extremely healthy. The wine, which is said to taste like mazota, is the result of fermenting the pups in wine. Even more interesting is the fact that these little mice are able to eat next to the wine.

4. Casu Marzu – Sardinia Island

When you look at the name, the food you really can not understand is actually a cheese. But this cheese is a bit different than what we ate in our homes. The cheese, which has insect larvae inside it, is eating in the vicinity of Sardinia especially with the wine.

5. Isaw – Philippines

If you look at it, Isaw is a little bit more innocent beside other street flavors (!). This street food made with pork or chicken intestines is served with pouring vinegar on it.

6. Tuna Fish Eye – Japan

Of course street food would not have been mentioned without mentioning the tone of the fish. This taste (!) Which you can almost find step by step in the streets of Japan is served by finishing with soy sauce and rice wine. It is a little difficult to experience this food that is eaten by courage.

7. Andouillette – France

Do not be fooled like a pomegranate. Andouillette is called a kind of sausage, but it has a very bad and heavy smell.

It is completely up to you to try and try the street flavor (!) Obtained by finely chopping the pig intestine and making it into sausage.

8. Hakarl – Iceland

Do not look like you are innocent innocent like cut sugar. He is consumed as rotten shark meat and even worse raw. We would also like to say that this food, which is said to be a fermented food, is as bad as it cooks.

9. Rocky Mountains Estuary – United States

"If the image says okay, ee clams, that's okay," you're wrong. This oyster is not exactly what you'd expect. This street flavor (!), Which is evident with the peeling and frying of cattle, pigs or sheeps, is highly appreciated by the US

10. Mopane Worms – Zimbabwe

This worm, one of Zimbabwe's most popular foods, is roasted and presented to its regulars after the head is cut.


It is surprising to see that these creatures gathered from the trees are also food.
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Hold it from the beetle, we have compiled many street flavors (!) For you. Is it because they can not find something to eat differently, or is it not known from the taste of the palate, but this world food is not for us at all.