The Most Prominent Meteor Rain of the Year, Begins this Weekend

The meteor shower, which takes place every August, will be in full moon season this year. This perfect sky show will take place at the end of this week

Perseid meteor shower, which offers spectacular views in August each year, is little time away. The Persaid meteor shower, also known as the flame ball, which will take place this weekend, produces more light and color than the other meteor showers and offers a longer viewing experience.


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When we look at the sky to watch this year's meteor shower, it will be a full moon perfecting the show. As it is every year, Persaid meteorites will illuminate the sky when it passes through the wreckage tail of the Swift-Tuttle comet, which traverses the sun's 133-year orbit.


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The best time to witness the perfect meteor shower is the pre-dawn early morning hours of August 12th and August 13th. Within an hour of looking at the sky, you may witness 50 to 100 meteor showers.