The Mysterious Red House Is Abandoned

Nine months have passed since the discovery of the mysterious red house that was excavated for a year under the supervision of the Special Operations Police. The neighborhood is waiting for help from the authorities on the grounds that the excavations have damaged their homes.

The excavation, which lasted about a year, ended 9 months ago. It is not known why the excavation was done or why. While the owners of the red house still had not emerged, special operations cops had left the red house by closing the excavation area. During the excavation, a large part of the surrounding buildings were damaged and large and small cracks occurred in the houses.

Today, there is a real silence in the 82 Evler District. Citizens stating that they are victims, the house is damaged due to mysterious excavations, officials say they should help them. Many neighborhoods are already separated.


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Murat Gölge, one of the residents of the neighborhood, said, sakin Most of the houses here were cracked. No action was taken after the excavation. Neighborhood people have left here. The houses and streets are quietly empty. ‘

Ufuk Aktan said,’ This was excavated by the authorities some time ago. Neighborhood people had to unload homes. As you can see, no one lives in the neighborhood. 900 No one knows what will happen. EB İZ He expresses the concern of the neighborhood with his words

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