The Number of People Who Catch Coronavirus and Healed Exceeded 100 Thousand

While coronavirus cases continue to increase all over the world, some of the people who get the disease are recovering. According to data published by Johns Hopkins University, 108,000 people who have suffered from coronavirus have recovered to date.

Johns Hopkins University in the USA has the coronavirus data started to announce on a website he prepared. On the page prepared by the university, the number of coronavirus cases around the world, the number of people who lost their lives and recovered by countries can be seen.

According to the data published by the university, currently 423,000 coronavirus cases It features. According to the data, China continues to be the country with the highest number of cases in the world, with 81,591 coronavirus cases. After China, with 69,176 cases, Italy is in the list of countries with the most coronavirus cases with 55,231 cases.

The published map includes the number of people recovering, as well as case and death rates. As the number of people caught in coronavirus increases the number of people getting better It continues to increase day by day. 108,619 of the people who have caught coronavirus have recovered to date.

Map showing coronavirus cases worldwide

coronavirus data

Considering the distribution of healed people by country, 73.280 people recovered. China still at the top of the list. After China, Iran is at the top of the list with 8,913 people and Italy with 8,236 people.

Although Italy is the country with the highest number of cases after China, it also shows high mortality rates. The number of people who died in Italy, the number of people who died in Wuhan, where COVID-19 was first seen almost 2 times until.


World Health Organization, all over the world more than 40,000 every day reports that a new case of coronavirus has been seen. WHO reports that governments should take more radical measures to reduce the momentum of the outbreak.

To the website prepared by Johns Hopkins University based on coronavirus data from here accessible. To Turkey Data on the map of the university is also included. In Turkey, although it is described on the page for people who survived the coronavirus which are not disclosed how many people seem to have no healing heal people.

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