The originality of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior will now be proven with Blockchain Bitcoin

ConsenSys, according to a bulletin published on 16 May,
with Blockchain, allowing consumers to verify the authenticity of luxury goods
with LVMH and Microsoft to create a powered platform

Consortium, all luxury of the system known as Aura
to serve the industry with powerful product monitoring and tracking services end

LVMH brands such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior already
was included in the project, and Aura was

AURA makes it possible for consumers to access their product history and to prove the authenticity of luxury products – from raw materials to the point of sale and second-hand markets. Technology contains unique information about each product stored in a shared notebook. Customers can then obtain a certificate that provides detailed information about their certification using the official application of the brand.

According to the group, Ethereum Blockchain-based and Microsoft Azure
using Aura, also ethical and environmental information, for product maintenance
will offer instructions and warranty services.

The team behind the Aura, at the end of luxury brands
provide them with a special service or increase customer loyalty
hoping they will be used to provide. ConsenSys Solutions' general
Director Ken Timsit added:

AURA is a breakthrough innovation for the luxury industry. ConsenSys will protect the interests, integrity and confidentiality of each brand. We are proud of contributing and working with LVMH in an initiative to serve the entire luxury industry

Top brands are increasingly turning to Blockchain technology to confirm the accuracy of their products. Ailsa Bay has recently announced that it plans to launch a scotch whiskey followed by a Blockchain-based system



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