The Outer Worlds REVIEW

The Outer Worlds review! The role-playing genre that has always been the receiver of the video game world has produced very good fruits in our console generation. The games, such as Persona 5, Fallout 4 and the Divinity: Original Sin series, appeal to hardcore gamers in general and are not so prominent with their action, they’ve locked hours of play on the screen. The Obsidian team, which marked the same role-playing games, once again proved itself in this generation with South Park: The Stick of Truth and Pillars of Eternity. Earlier, the company won the hearts of players with Fallout New Vegas, taking risks and announced a new project at the last E3 fair. Obsidian, prepared to say goodbye to this generation under the name of The Outer Worlds, let’s see if they give what is expected of them again. Let’s look closely together.

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The Outer Worlds Review

Obsidian team, who prefer an alternative universe in terms of story, starts the scenario in 1901 when former American President Willian McKinley was not assassinated. The US government, which is unable to rule the market for its own purposes because it is set in an alternative universe, finds the option to gradually leave the management to the big companies. In the continuation of the story, in which the capitalist order operates brutally, colonies begin to be established in space. As you begin to slowly enter the world of The Outer Worlds in 2355, you can see how much money, authority and rank people are getting, and merit is absent. Of course, this story takes place in the background of the game.

the outer worlds ile ilgili görsel sonucu

When you start the game, you learn that you are a passenger on a spaceship named Hope. Due to a malfunction on board during the voyage, our ten-year journey extends to sixty years. Then we wake up in the same way as the Passengers, our icy sleeping main character, and we have to travel to another orbit using hyperspace. The scientist Phineas Vernon Welles, who also appears in the trailers, is forcibly taking us down to the nearest Terra 2 planet to save the Halycon colony to which we belong. In the end, our adventure begins as a stranger who has lost ties from our colony and has to return, on an unknown planet.

I can say that the beginning of this story, which can be seen as a cliché from time to time, but with a huge mystery behind it, is interesting. Similar to Fallout games in storytelling, The Outer Worlds constantly reminds you of the importance of the main story during the game. In other words, even when you take part in sub-tasks, the game offers sub-texts or environmental factors that make you feel obliged to return to the main story as soon as possible.

While the capsule we landed on Terra 2 is launched, the character creation screen is presented to our control. While we can create facial features in a very detailed way, we cannot touch the physical features of our body. In addition to the appearance on the character creation screen, the capabilities of our character are determined in detail. Body, Mind, Personality, you must bring together the three basic elements of our character. Because the decisions you make at the beginning of the game and the actions you will take here is the basis of the laid.

the outer worlds ile ilgili görsel sonucu

In the talent section, we create the detailed features of our character. On this screen you will decide how many of the features, such as being persuasive in dialogues, our ability to handle weapons, our engineering or medical skills, will be. If you are familiar with FRP games, this screen will not come to you at all. In addition to the talent building part of the game, there is also another talent selection part that changes the interaction with NPCs. On this screen called Aptidude, we choose what role we were on Earth before we started the story. In this screen, we can determine that we are prone to occupations such as farmers, cleaners, bureaucrats or factory workers. If you wish, you can also set your character as an unqualified element in this section. However, you should remember that this option is not conducive to charity.

The gameplay mechanics are deeper than I expected. We have a mysterious, intriguing story, but I must point out that the mechanical details of the game are the intriguing part. But at the same time the most striking problems of the game in these mechanics, the players will be upset. Obsidian team, first of all, wanted to prioritize the relationship between our character and NPCs. Already on this part of the game introductions was too much. You have a communication with NPCs only in the current situation. In addition, we can not sit and chat with every character we see. The Outer Worlds, which brought the faces of the interacted characters to the home screen as in Fallout games, amused me in this part.

the outer worlds ile ilgili görsel sonucu