The Person Who Downloaded Applications From The Internet Lost 77 Thousand Lira

A new one has been added to the fraud cases carried out on the Internet. A person who uncontrollably downloaded a mobile application from the Internet lost thousands of dollars to fraudsters. With a large amount of credit from his bank account, the victim is still trying to get his money back.

Cyber ​​fraud, one of the crimes of our age, burned another person’s pocket. A citizen who downloaded an application to his phone over the Internet noticed some strangeness on his phone after a while. After consulting someone who knows, the person who learned that his phone was infected with a virus, checked his bank account upon the warning he received. From your account That 77 thousand liras were withdrawn Seeing the citizen, after his surprise, initiated the necessary legal proceedings.

The eagerness to make easy money online continues to burn the heads of hundreds, maybe thousands, every year. “You won gifts” advertisements, harmful applications and shopping on unreliable sites threaten generations that have not adapted to the internet world in particular. The most basic way to prevent this is to stay away from applications and sites of unknown origin.

Betting application downloaded, information stolen

betting application virus

According to Victim GA, the incident started with the download of a betting app from the internet. Realizing that the app disappeared after a while, GA began to worry as her phone slowed down gradually. The person, whose phone became unusable due to slowness in a short time, found the solution to take the phone to the technical service.

As a result of the examination in the technical service, it was understood that the device had a virus, GA checked the bank account with the recommendation of the server. The person, from the account of the salary He saw that 77 thousand lira loan was withdrawn in 36 months in installments. The stunned GA took legal action to get her money back.

Saved most of the money

internet fraud


A Warning Statement Against Fraudsters From Domestic Crypto Exchange

The victim, who went to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and filed a criminal complaint, He got his 40 thousand liras back. Learning that the debt of a fuel station in Mersin was paid with the remaining 37 thousand liras, GA talked to an official at the station and demanded that his money be returned. However, despite this, he could not get his money, which was stolen for 4 months.

Risk of downloading APK from the Internet

apk application risk

Downloading applications from the Internet of unknown origin and not approved for security is a dangerous situation that many people do not pay attention to by saying “nothing will happen”. These types of applications Your photos, messages, personal information, social media accounts and even like this one your credit card information can play. In order not to invite such events, you can only download applications from platforms such as Google Play and App Store.

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