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Especially in recent years, many companies have neglected link building. That is changing now. This article explains what you should pay attention to when building a link and how link building will work in the future.

Link building
Link building is one of the central strategies of off-page optimization. This is how companies generate more traffic on their website. (Image: © DiggityMarketing)

What is link building?

Link building, also called link building, is one of the off-page optimizations of a website. In principle, this is about integrating links to your own website on third-party sites and thus increasing traffic on your own website. The establishment of a link generally has two goals: On the one hand, visitors should of course be directed to their own site. On the other hand, link building is also essential in the context of search engine optimization. It will so-called backlinks generated in the content of other websites. These increase the relevance of a page in the eyes of search engines. With numerous backlinks, the website appears higher in the search results of Google and Co.

This only makes sense – because if a website operator or editor deliberately sets a particular link, it means that he considers it valuable. Google trusts this decision made by humans and therefore lets such links flow into the calculation of the relevance of a website.

Our internal evaluations currently show that especially pages with a lot of backlinks have become more visible. The study by Backlinko supports our assumption. It shows that pages in position 1 in the search results have 3.8x more backlinks than pages in positions 2 to 10. This means that in order to achieve a good Google ranking, you have to set up a good link should.

Links can be placed in a variety of ways. It is important that the placement matches the link so that visitors are actually directed to the desired page. Possible are:

  • Blogs
  • Magazines
  • Forums
  • Directories
  • News sites
  • Newspapers
Link building
Google is the world’s largest search engine. Websites that appear at the top of the search results are clicked millions of times (Image: © Simon)

Link building and search engine optimization go hand in hand

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is an important tool for operators of websites, especially online shops and other e-commerce offers. Without good SEO knowledge, the website disappears into insignificance. This jeopardizes the success of the entire company. The professionals for search engine optimization in Munich therefore offer comprehensive help for webmasters to optimize the page. In this context, it is also a matter of considering the link structure and possibly improving it.

As described at the beginning, a high number of natural backlinks ensures a better ranking in search engines. Link building is therefore an elementary part of search engine optimization. The visibility of the shop page is improved and so the page automatically generates more traffic, which ultimately leads to more conversions. It is essential for companies that many visitors come to the site. After all, online marketing is an important factor in acquiring new customers.

Of course, search engine optimization is more than just building a link. Not least because of this, it is helpful to bring professionals on board. These find the right keywords, which also ensure good search engine placement of the page. The goals of link building and search engine optimization go hand in hand. Only with an all-round successful on-page and off-page optimization can the website and thus your company be successful.

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Link building is about building a large network of backlinks. The more organic this grows, the better it is for the ranking. (Image: © Free-Photos)

Expert tips: This is how the link is built

Link building experts provide companies with numerous tips and tricks that they can use to improve link building. We have summarized the most important ones for you here:

  1. Link building should be organic: Links that can be seen to have been purchased do not serve their purpose. The search engine algorithm can filter out such artificial link building.
  2. So that links directly influence the Google page rank, they may not have a so-called nofollow attribute. Nevertheless, nofollow links, for example from trustworthy sources such as business directories, are also valuable – they can influence other Google metrics.
  3. Websites should be designed for people, not machines – Therefore, this aspect must always be considered despite the number-based nature of backlinks. Natural links are therefore optimal – so pay attention to relevance when building the link. Articles, articles and links should always offer readers added value. Only then are the links actually useful.
  4. Check your backlinks regularly: You should remove spam links, expired links and pages from your portfolio. You can worsen the search result.
  5. Social media can also support link building: Link content to posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Co. to generate more traffic and more search results.
  6. Use your network to generate links: A mutual link with business partners is unproblematic and offers advantages for both sides. However, you should be careful not to set too many links.
  7. Keep an eye on the competition: Especially companies that have been on the market for a while and can always be found in the best search results offer potential. Here you may be able to learn strategies and use them for your company.
  8. Competitions, promotions and special gimmicks helpto generate organic links. For example, companies participate in current movements and are linked more often.
  9. Stay authentic: Keyword stuffing and similar unnatural methods do you more harm than good.

This is just a small overview of the many aspects that must be considered when planning link building strategies. Learn more about different approaches and important factors you’ll find here.

A tool can support e-commerce providers

There are numerous tools on the market that are designed to help you build links. One of them is Online marketing tool from OSG in the form of the Performance Suite. This will help you get more backlinks. With this tool you can directly implement some of the tips mentioned above and thus position your website at the top. With the Performance Suite, you can create several analyzes of the various competitors of the website, both for the most important keywords. On the basis of these analyzes, for example, pages are suggested to you that could fit your company and where you can build links. To do this, the Performance Suite directly calculates the probability, based on artificial intelligence, of building a backlink on this page.

Link building
OSG’s online marketing tool helps companies get more backlinks. (Graphic: © Online Solutions Group)

You can also use the tool to check where competing companies have placed links. This gives you the opportunity to offer your own backlinks on the same or similar pages. As soon as a link has been set up on a website and entered in the Performance Suite, you can then check and measure the effects of the link, in particular to what extent the visibility and ranking have improved. In this way you ensure that you are always at the top.

Although link building has been neglected by many companies in recent years, it is still an important tool for generating visibility and traffic to a website. With the right strategies and tips, you can take advantage of this type of off-page optimization and bring your website – and thus your company – forward. Experts for search engine optimization and corresponding tools, such as OSG Performance Suite, help to improve your link building in a targeted manner.