The Removal of AKK Did Not Reflect Internet Use: Here's Why

Internet subscribers in Turkey, since January 1, 2019 all of the services they receive no Fair Usage Quota. After the regulation, the amount of monthly internet usage per user was expected to increase. There has been an increase, but not enough to meet expectations. So why did the AKK not meet expectations?

Internet users in Turkey have left in the last months of 2018, an arrangement that does not comply with global standards, we let you removed. With the clarification of the information that AKK will be removed, the eyes turned to internet service providers. The new regulation meant that we would see new tariffs.

Briefly, the effect of the regulation pulled internet prices upwards than expected. The tariffs, which had a speed of 24 mbps and a base price of 65 TL, rose to a base price of 120 TL when AKK was lifted. Overall, there was an increase in the 40% -50% band in all tariffs. Following this, companies such as Turknet and Millenicom also increased their prices by 10-15-20 TL.


When the price increase in almost all internet tariffs became clear, it was also a question of how the period without AKK would be reflected to the users. The first official figures were announced and we saw the returns of the new period clearly.

In order to understand more clearly, let's compare the son increase in the amount of data downloaded per user ilk in the first quarter of the last 3 years:

using Internet

Increase from 2016 to 2017: 7.1 GB (with AKK)

Increase from 2017 to 2018: 14.4 GB (with AKK)

Increase from 2018 to 2019: 20.2 GB (No APC)

The main factors that increase the amount of data consumed per user are as follows:

  • Smartphones and computers support faster internet connections,
  • Consequently, applications are designed to consume more and more data,
  • Expansion of cloud technologies,

It is possible to add more items to this list. When we consider all these factors, we consider that why we consume more data We understand. Increasing the number of users accessing all these facilities also maximizes the demand for infrastructure. Therefore, the amount of data consumed per person per year increase switch The opening is very very natural.

To summarize briefly; The 20.2 GB increase from 2018 to 2019 is perhaps the biggest increase in recent years, but not because AKK has been removed. In 2018, the increase experienced when there was AKK regulation is more than twice that of 2017. However, there is no similar situation for 2019. Of the previous increase only 28.7% surpassed


We see that there is not enough increase in the average amount of data we use individually with the departure of AKK. Of course, it is possible to make inaccurate inferences with statistical data, but our comparison with previous years' data shows us this.

The price increases and the fact that high-speed data packages are offered at high-priced tariffs are among the main reasons for this situation. Comments, suggestions and thoughts you can specify in the comments section