The Robot That Moves the Line between Look and See

MIT academics and engineers have developed a new robotic arm that gives them artificial intelligence-assisted vision.

You know how difficult it is to imitate our ability to see, if you have some interest in robotics and artificial intelligence. Today, there are vehicles that can go without drivers in traffic, but the vision capabilities of these systems are only about objects that can be met by traffic. In other words, it is very difficult to understand the meaning of objects that you put in front of a robot alone. A MIT team did it.

Consider robots working on mass production bands. Take the task of sorting out foreign objects on the tape passing through their fronts. For that, those robots need to know all kinds of objects regardless of human control. For example, on a band of shoes, socks or toys. Thousands of different forms and shapes. Robots, on the other hand, are able to extract only these shoes and reach the shoe.

Developed by MIT, this robot technology is so successful that you can leave your production lines at home:

This robot named DON can understand what you see by analyzing the set of visual data arranged in coordinates. The critical differences between the shapes of objects, the environment of the environment, and the object are analyzed within the seconds. The ability to see an attentiveness is intuitive.

MIT doctoral student Lucas Manuelli, an architect from the project, said, "If you are trying to identify an object in a specific way, for example to distinguish a shoe in a particular way, the system must be able to identify all the objects. Fine details and details are of great importance here. "

In other words, this robot arm can extend it to you by filling it with a cup of coffee and holding it in your handbag. You can even start by choosing the right one among dozens of different coffee cups.

This robot technology we are used to seeing in science fiction movies is still in its infancy. Do not think of it as you see it on the video. Depending on the areas of use, a humanoid robot may also be the arm, indispensable for industrial bands.