The Secret Behind A Good Pop Song Announced

Researchers have explored over 700 songs to reveal the secret behind a good pop song. The study of hit songs revealed the basics of a good pop song.

The team of scientists from Germany and Norway entered the US Billboard Hot 100 list between 1958 and 1991 to understand the secret behind a good pop song. Of 745 songs He studied 80,000 chords.

Study of scientists, listening to a song, the listener listened to the expectations of the voices. Based on this approach, researchers developed a computer model to measure uncertainty and surprise chords.

Max Planck is a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, and a author of the article Vincent Cheung, “ The songs that we find delightful are the songs that provide a good balance between the songs that we can predict which chord will come up later and the songs we can't predict." said.

secret of good pop song

The researchers played the songs to the participants during the research. The participants then listened to music using a technique known as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). brain activity Viewed.

Scientists, participants brain activity while listening to music in three regions (amygdala, hippocampus and auditory cortex) were observed to increase. The researchers explained that these regions provide emotions, learning, memory and sound processing, respectively.

An article on the study of good pop songs was published in the Cell Press magazine. Posted in articleDuring the rest of any song, expectations were created and expectations were solved by writing pleasure.

secret of good pop song


Artificial Intelligence Research on How Music Makes People Happy

Scientists 745 pop song His work revealed that a good song came from the right combination of uncertainty and surprise. Based on the findings of the research, the scientists performing the pop music research dance and movie in other fields of art, such as people can discover their expectations.

Researcher Vincent Cheung, “By combining computer modeling and brain imaging, we can understand not only why we enjoy music, but also what it means to be human." said.