The Secret Behind OnePlus 7 Pro's DxOMark Score Revealed

One of the highlights of the DxOMark score is that OnePlus 7 Pro gets these high scores because it is measured by software that has not yet been released.

OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the most noticeable phones this year and has the potential to change the balance in the smartphone market with its features. The phone comes with a great display, high-end features, great software and a triple rear camera.


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OnePlus 7 Pro has been described as the 'flagship killer' since its inception, and the most talked about feature has been camera performance. OnePlus 7 Pro is currently ranked 4th on smartphone cameras on the DxOMark site, but users say the camera doesn't deserve such a good rating.

So why can't a phone that scores so high in terms of camera performance actually earn it? The Android Authority went to OnePlus's factory to investigate this issue and found out that DxOMark is using a version of software that has not yet been released in OnePlus 7 Pro.


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The Android Authority's tour also showed the photo testing lab, where OnePlus tested camera performance. This lab shows that OnePlus aims to increase camera performance considerably.